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As growth in the consumer segment continues to be challenged by economic uncertainty and the over-penetration of an increasing array of products and services, enterprises are beginning to shift investment dollars into the expanding Small and Medium (SMB) segment. Though daunting to many enterprises, Connect1 has defined a proven methodology for segmenting and targeting the SMB universe.

First, we leverage proprietary SMB market data and research to uncover new insights and key drivers of SMB buyer behaviour. Our data is constantly enriched with prospect information specific to key segments, and we also work with clients to develop customized market segment analyses. The result is a new level of insight into this rapidly evolving and lucrative universe of small business customers. By applying targeted Connect1 SMB insights to your customer acquisition campaigns, we can dramatically improve response and conversion rates.

Connect1 CRM solutions start with SMB market research and insight that enables our clients to validate their assumptions and extend their understanding of this burgeoning marketplace. Our services help enterprise customers:  

  • Identify which segments are ideal targets for their products and services
  • Design the right products and services for the right SMB segments
  • Size the SMB market to focus on core segments with highest revenue potential
  • Benchmark customer acquisition targets against our proven, industry wide models
  • Increase target prospect conversion rates by re-positioning product/service offers
  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by creating a dashboard of small business buying triggers

Partner with Connect1 to uncover SMB behavioural insights that will dramatically improve conversion rates and change the way you take solutions to market.